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About us

The Arkgene team has a single-minded mission to enable researchers the ability to answer important biological question using accessible data driven approaches and tools.

Our interdisciplinary team of molecular biologist, bioinformatician and software engineer provides responsive support and works closely with Arkgene users to optimise the bioinformatics platform based on their needs. The team also maintains the latest version of all bioinformatics pipelines and tools on the Arkgene platform and update the curated databases from time to time. In addition, our team also provide tailor support and training to large organisation to help them to get started quickly with Arkgene.

Meet the Arkgene family.

Our molecular biologists work closely with researchers (from graduate student to faculty and research institute staffs) to provide consultation on their research on high-throughput sequencing, including genomics, metagenomics, transcriptomics, and other big biological data.

Our bioinformaticians work hand in hand with molecular biologists to provide computational analysis to support researchers in term of genomics analysis, create custom pipelines and databases, as well as bioinformatics analysis tools.

Our software engineers work closely with the life science team to develop applications, tools, softwares and databases to bridge the big gap between IT and biological sciences, realising the concept of “software as a service” (SaaS).