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The Arkgene Cloud Platform : Store

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The Arkgene is a smart data storage, management and sharing platform that helps life science community to organise their big genomic information safely in the cloud, up to petabytes or exabytes. With genomic cloud system, you can focus on your research and offload your headaches (e.g. high costs of data storage devices, server hardware and IT maintenance) to Arkgene.

Why Arkgene?

  • Upload your data directly from local computer
  • ‘Drag and drop’ function to facilitate the data transfer
  • Option to migrate your data from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc
  • All files are stored in encrypted form
  • Two factors user authentication
  • Administration defined access and permission based access
  • Able to specify group members’ level of access to highly controlled data, including read, edit, share and execution privileges
  • Seamlessly share data and analysis results to unlimited number of co-workers and collaborators worldwide
  • Built in address book enables users to create their own research groups for efficient data sharing
  • Data reproducibility is of the utmost importance in scientific research
  • We ensure that all file activities and executions will be recorded so that the results could be reproducible in the future