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The Arkgene Cloud Platform : Apply

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The Arkgene platform hosts a comprehensively curated library of key tools and pre-configured pipelines for running bioinformatics analyses.

Bioinformatics Pipelines

  • From assembled genome to structural prediction (tRNA and rRNA), gene prediction and gene functional annotation
  • In one click!
  • Fully compatible with Arkgene visualization tools
  • Automatically evaluate the assembly quality and completeness of your genome using BUSCO (Benchmarking Universal Single-Copy Orthologs)
  • Detailed algorithm consists of tBLASTn, Augustus and HMMER3 running in background

Analytics Tools

  • Customize your own inhouse BLAST database from compatible input file (e.g. fasta, fas and fa)
  • Run various type of BLAST analyses (e.g. BLASTn, BLASTp and BLASTx) against the customized BLAST database
  • Visualize your BLAST results in sequence alignment form or BLAST summary form
  • Electronic PCR: a search algorithm for in silico PCR amplification that identifies specific sequence homology between the DNA template (e.g. genome) and designed PCR primers
  • Run using Primer3 and BLAST
  • A quality control tool to examine the quality of high throughput raw sequencing data
  • Supports input data from BAM, SAM or Fastq format
  • Offline operation and automatically output the results to an HTML based summary report with graphs and tables
  • Automatically generate a brief summary of sequence file such as number of sequences, total number of bases, N25, 50 and N75 lengths, GC content etc
  • Supports various sequence file such as Fasta, Fas and Fa files
  • Retrieve the selected nucleotide or protein sequences from Fasta sequence file
  • A text file containing list of sequence ID is required
  • Supports the conversion of commonly used file format in bioinformatics analyses, such as conversion of BAM to SAM and vice versa