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The Arkgene Cloud Platform : Visualise

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The Arkgene platform features a suite of visualisation tools, which includes the CGBase genome browser specially built for co-visualisation of genome sequence, gene expression data and DNA marker information.


  • An interactive web-based service of Circos
  • Requires no Perl programming skills and command line experience
  • User friendly with configurable features to generate Circos circular plots
  • Know more about ClicO FS by visit our publication here.

  • Inhouse Genome Browser built by Codon Genomics Sdn Bhd
  • User friendly platform enables extensive integration of molecular markers, genomic sequences, traits information, genes information and curated model organisms

Visualisation Tools

  • Allows the visualization of hierarchical metagenomics data with zoomable pie charts
  • Visualize and answer the biological question on relative abundance of taxa across different levels of the taxonomical hierarchy