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Many bacteria genomes at a time.

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Arkgene for Microbes

We build Arkgene for Microbe with the vision of providing essential on demand computing power, storage, analysis tools and importantly the ability to share data to microbiologists. In the era of big data and next generation sequencing, many academics don’t have the access to the resources and intuitive software that they need to perform the required bioinformatics analysis easily and seamlessly. We strive to solve this problem.

Easy to set up.
Easy to run your genome data.

Designed with elastic storage features in mind, microbiologist can now centralise and standardise their entire collection of biological data in one place. Easily and securely.

Make accurate downstream experimental decisions by benchmarking the completeness of your existing genomes.

Delve into the most valuable part of genome information through optimised built in gene annotation pipeline. Bridging the gap between the nucleotide sequence to the key biological features of your organism.

Integrated with Codon Genomics Genome Database (CGBase), achieve seamless raw data to visualised results in a matter of a few clicks. All in one platform.