October 5, 2017   |   Use Case

Access, analyze and share your data: whenever you want, wherever you want

The age of big data is not only revolutionizing the business world but also making waves in research and development (R&D) in biological sciences.

With the advances in sequencing chemistry and technology, massive DNA sequencing data can be generated with ease at an ever-decreasing cost, accelerating the scientific discovery and innovation. With the cost of discovery process becoming more inexpensive and efficient, the ability to store, manage, and share huge amounts of genomic data is now the foremost challenge within the scientific community.

Although cloud-based data storage system such as Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive are commercially available, these platforms are lack of seamless integration of analytics and visualisation tools for biological scientists to run their bioinformatics analyses. This is where Arkgene comes in.

Arkgene is specifically designed for bioinformatics with the aim of empowering users with strategic solutions to overcome the many trials and tribulations faced by scientists in their quest for discovering and creating new knowledge. For example, a molecular biologist may keep his/her sequencing data in a thumbdrive or an external harddisk, which might be exposed to several risks like hardware failure, laptop theft and data loss.

With Arkgene, important data can be easily uploaded and stored in encrypted form, with minimal storage cost incurred. The molecular biologist can access his/her uploaded data from anywhere at any time. In addition, he/she can also seamlessly share the data among labmates, co-workers or collaborative groups with permission based controls.

At Arkgene, data storage and management are built side-by-side with data analytics and visualisation tools for output with the maximum returns to our users. For example, a scientist can select a specific file from cloud storage and execute compatible tools/pipelines to run analysis, without tedious file download followed by importation into other online or standalone softwares.

Arkgene strives to make data work for scientists easier and better. With specialised analytics tools like Microbial Genome Automated Annotation Pipeline, Microbial Genome Assembly Completeness Assessment Pipeline and circular map plotting tool for microbes integrated into each module, Arkgene ensures that scientists have the best possible tools at their fingertips.

The future of bioinformatics data analytics is in the cloud.

Arkgene connects the dots: from data storage to data analytics and visualisation. Join us.