October 17, 2017   |   Software Development

Want a platform that is exactly the way you want it? Join our beta testing to shape Arkgene

What’s beta product testing?

A beta test is a common path for a software development. The main goals of beta testing is to get real-world exposure, and to know what the potential users feel about the beta product, their explicit needs as well as new ideas. The beta testers get to try out the software, use it consistently over a specific period of time, report any issues and bugs, and give constructive feedbacks to improve the software in order to meet the users’ needs.

The beta testing process offers a fast track to validate the initial idea of building the software, recognize the room for improvement and ensure that the software is on the right track, before an official product launch.

“As a rule, software systems do not work well until they have been used and have failed repeatedly, in real applications.” – David Parnas, early pioneer of software engineering

The Arkgene beta testing programme

We have launched our beta version of Arkgene with Microbial Genomics module!

For this beta testing, we want 300 Arkgene beta testers to join us in shaping the future of Arkgene. Each beta tester will be given a FREE Arkgene account for 3 months, with 3 Gb of data storage, 1500 CPU processing units and 500 Mb of data transfer.

As an Arkgene beta tester, you have the opportunity to learn and develop new professional skills, such as analytical, evaluating and observational skills, which are useful in gaining the ability to improve technology products you already own or the products you will own in the future. In addition, Arkgene beta testing is a great opportunity to explore and try up-to-date bioinformatics pipelines, analytics and visualisation tools for free. And who knows, you may find that Arkgene is a platform that you need in your future.

Here are the few simple steps to becoming part of the Arkgene beta testing programme:

  1. Register for an account at https://portal.arkgene.com/register using the registration code ARKGENEBLOG.
  2. Login to the Arkgene portal at https://portal.arkgene.com/login using the registered username and password.
  3. Start to explore our genomics platform by storing your data, performing bioinformatics analysis and visualising your analysis outputs.
  4. Visit our Arkgene Forum at https://support.arkgene.com/ for user guide and technical assistance.
  5. Send us bug reports, feedbacks and feature requests at https://support.arkgene.com/t/feedback.

We need your feedback!

At Arkgene, we are constantly evolving to build and integrate more up-to-date bioinformatics tools in order to meet the ever-changing needs of genomics research. We would greatly appreciate if you could take a couple of minutes to complete the beta testing survey form at https://survey.arkgene.com/survey/view/1.